Prices & terms

This package generally involves three or four stages (prices start at 950 Euros):
Stage 1
- Based on a detailed mission brief, one of our graphical artists will submit a selection of 5 to 10 possible logos for your approval.
Stages 2 and 3 - Once you have selected your chosen logo, our graphical artist will "fine tune" it based on your comments and suggestions.
Stage 4
- The logo is then finalised. At this stage it can be generated in a variety of versions (letter paper, visiting cards, brochures, or packaging, etc.).

Delivery of your logo :

• By e-mail or on CD-ROM containing everything you need to reproduce it, accompanied by a colour proof, all royalty free for any purpose.

Time required :

from 1 to 2 weeks
(you will receive our initial proposals 2-3 days after we receive your design brief)

Available options :

• Adaptation/variations of your logo
(for letters, cards, etc).
• Logo creation requiring more
than four stages
• The creation of illustrations:
Prices: please contact us

For the creation of versions of your logo specially adapted for visiting cards, compliment slips or headed paper, you should plan on a budget of 250 to 300 Euros (several proposals will be presented to you).

Our rates

For special projects, you should plan on an hourly rate of 120 Euros for graphical design work.

DTP work or author’s corrections:
80 Euros per hour

Payment terms

For orders from the European Union: 50% of the total VAT-inclusive price, payable at the time the order is placed, by bank transfer or Western Union with the balance payable upon delivery.

For all other countries, payment in cash by bank transfer or Western Union at the time the order is placed.


Please feel free to call us on 33 1 44 74 85 85 to discuss your requirements. We can send you our brochure. Alternatively, simply return the attached reply coupon.

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